Developing Your Link Popularity With Social Bookmarking Submissions

As every Internet marketer knows, there are two parts to SEO. The first part is easy… you optimise your website content with relevant targeted keywords. However, the second part is a bit more difficult and a lot more time consuming as it involves developing your websites link popularity.What is link popularity? Simply defined, link popularity is the development of links from external websites that link to a page on your site. The total number of links recognised by search engines is a major a factor that is used to determine your overall position in the search engine results.Now, before the days of Web 2.0, link popularity could only be achieved through link exchanges, online advertising or the hope that another webmaster would see value in promoting your site. However, due to the huge growth and popularity of social networking websites, developing your link popularity can be as simple as joining a social bookmarking network.How does social bookmarking work? Basically, tags (links) are created via a social book markings submission page. These tags point to the websites you are promoting. If your site is interesting, other members within the network will add them to their own personal list of social book markings. In addition, they may give the tags a high rating, which gives them even more exposure.How does social bookmarking help improve a websites link popularity? Every time a website is bookmarked, a one way link is created to your site. Most social bookmarking websites have high page rank scores and are considered to be authority sites in the eyes of the search engines. This results in your bookmarks being indexed very quickly and the relevant back link will be added to your overall link count.However, for these links to be successful you will need to make sure that your social book markings submissions contain relevant, targeted keywords within the anchor text You should also be careful not to spam. Since you are only given around 100 or so words to describe your site, you should only include your keyword one time. If you do it any more than that, other members within the social bookmarking network may flag your submission. And if this happens too often, you put your account at risk of being suspended or even worse… deleted. So, just avoid the temptation all together.Social bookmarking offers a cost effective method to improve the link popularity of any website In conclusion, social bookmarking offers a unique way of improving the link popularity for your website. Of course, it will never take the place of old-fashioned methods, but if you want a quick boost in traffic, it can be highly effective. Plus, unlike other SEO options, social bookmarking doesn’t cost a penny to implement. On top of that, it works immediately. You won’t have to wait months or even days to see traffic rushing into your website. Basically, after you submit your tags, everything is ready to go.

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