7 Reasons For A Healthy Lifestyle Change

So, you’re sitting there on the sofa, watching TV and eating your favorite snack food, you know what I’m talking about – chips, cookies, ice cream and the like, when you look down to brush the crumbs away and the thought hits you. Wow! I really need to do something about this (poor eating, belly rolls, thighs like tree trunks – the giant trees kind of trunks, couch-potato-ness). I will run, umm… drive, to the store and grab the latest, greatest diet book and hit it hard, not not on your forehead, get the new diet going with a grand new desire to recommit to get that weight off.Problem is, you never get to the book/magazine section of any store. Or say you do, but never actually even open the book/magazine. Okay, for the sake of argument, you do the diet. You actually lose a little something, but it was just a “diet”. So you go back to your old habits and patterns of eating and sitting in front of the “boob” tube. Hmmm. Now your back where you began.What you really need is a healthy lifestyle CHANGE.But CHANGE takes time. And support. It’s too complicated.Here are some reasons you might like to rethink that standpoint:You will be giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal and feed every cell in your body. (Whoa! That’s a lot of cells!)
With healthy cells, your body systems begin to come into balance. (Especially those pesky hormones that can cause us all sorts of problems!)
Silent inflammation (you don’t even know it’s there) inside your body reduces, which prevents damage to your cells.
Your digestion and elimination will greatly improve!! (Talk about getting the poop out! Haha).
Your body will begin to release stored, toxic chemicals you have eaten/been exposed to and stored in your fat tissues because it didn’t know what to do with them. (She ate what???)
Your energy will go SKY HIGH! (What do I do with this energy? I know! Exercise!! But make it fun.)
Your mind clears, relaxes and so does your body. This can improve your sleep. (Nah. I don’t need more than 4 hours. Yeah, right!)Now you are beginning to get a picture of how a healthy lifestyle can begin to reset your body. How things can improve.All it takes is a desire to begin. Are you ready?

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